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Chulu Chansa | Zambia | Authenticity & Purpose

Personal Brand Consultant | Award Winning Podcaster & Producer |

Wellness Entrepreneur | Host of Africana Woman Podcast | Team Builder | Leadership Coach

In the tapestry of life, Chulu Chansa's story weaves a narrative of resilience, empowerment, and unwavering determination. A proud Zambian, Chulu's upbringing in the vibrant city of Ndola, under the guidance of her single mother, instilled in her the values of strength, perseverance, and compassion. Her journey, however, took unexpected turns during her university years, where she faced adversities that tested her spirit. From navigating single parenthood to surviving the trauma of sexual assault and grappling with prolonged unemployment, Chulu encountered the darkest valleys of life. Yet, in the depths of despair, she found the flicker of hope that would ignite her path to transformation. Amidst a mental health crisis in 2019, Chulu emerged not as a victim of her circumstances, but as a victor of her own narrative. With resilience as her compass, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, embracing the belief that her past did not define her future.

Today, Chulu stands as a beacon of inspiration, wielding her experiences as tools for change and empowerment. As a personal brand consultant, she guides individuals and companies in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with authenticity and purpose.

At the helm of Africana Woman, Chulu leads a movement dedicated to amplifying the voices of African women and reclaiming their rightful place in history. Through her award-winning podcast, she shares stories of triumph, resilience, and cultural heritage, dismantling the barriers of silence and erasure that have long obscured the narratives of African women.

Beyond the digital realm, Chulu's impact reverberates in the physical spaces she cultivates. As the proprietor of KuMushi, a wellness brand, she nurtures holistic wellbeing and fosters a community of growth and empowerment.

From her roots in hotel management to her tenure in educational administration, Chulu's journey has been as diverse as the cultures she celebrates. A graduate of Connecticut College, she holds certificates in entrepreneurship and international development, embodying the ethos of lifelong learning and growth.

Chulu's mission transcends boundaries, bridging continents and cultures in a tapestry of unity and empowerment. Her superpower lies in her ability to create safe spaces for vulnerability, foster authentic connections, and inspire collective action. To connect with Africana Woman and embark on a journey of empowerment and cultural celebration, visit Join the movement, engage with the community, and become a part of a legacy that celebrates the resilience, strength, and beauty of African women everywhere.

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