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Christopher Amponsah | Ghana | Harmonious Relationships

Influencer | Actor | Marketer

"My Journey as an Influencer and Marketer: Embracing Challenges, Building Brands, and Pursuing Passion"

As a marketer, I have had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as Yah, cachie&cachie, pizzaman, Sacrefilms multimedia, GlobalAV in the USA, and many others. Through these experiences, I have learned to navigate various situations that would play out differently, including handling negative comments on social media and managing pressure from brands to meet deadlines. Interestingly, the name "I am Chriskid Official" came about during my high school days. It was given to me by my friends for reasons I still don't fully understand. However, as a popular person in school, I embraced the name to make it recognizable and associated with my identity. Hence, I became Iam_Chriskid_Official.

My name is Christopher Amponsah Boafo, a Ghanaian influencer, actor, and marketer. Growing up in Kumasi, Ghana, I completed my basic, junior high, and senior high school education there. After high school, I ventured to Accra, where I obtained my diploma in Business Administration from Meridian University. Later, I pursued my degree at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, actively participating in various university events.

Throughout my journey, I have built my social media presence from scratch, engaging my followers and actively shaping my online persona. Since 2016, I have been an influencer, even before the days of TikTok. Additionally, I have worked as a marketer for numerous brands, and I recently starred in a movie called "Who Am I," currently airing on Adom TV. I am grateful for the unwavering love and support from my parents, who are business people, my siblings Ella, Princess, and Akua, as well as my friends. Their encouragement has played a significant role in my journey. As I continue to evolve in my life and career, I aspire to make further strides in the entertainment industry. Being an influencer is not all fun and games. It requires constant activity, engagement, and maintaining a large following, all while juggling acting and marketing responsibilities. While this line of work can be exciting, it also brings its fair share of stress and challenges. Moreover, I am a business administration professional with a background in IT and six years of experience in marketing and business administration. This has equipped me with leadership skills and a commercial mindset. I can easily adapt to new situations and manage complex issues by breaking them down into manageable tasks.

In summary, my journey as an influencer and marketer has been marked by embracing challenges, building brands, and pursuing my passion. I understand the dedication and hard work required to thrive in this industry, and I am constantly striving to improve, grow, and make a positive impact.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

During my journey as an influencer and marketer, I encountered several significant hurdles. One of the most prominent challenges was establishing a strong social media presence from scratch. It required dedicated effort and consistent engagement to build a substantial following and gain recognition. Another obstacle I faced was the pressure to meet deadlines and deliver results for brands. Juggling multiple responsibilities and managing high expectations demanded excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

To overcome these hurdles, I adopted a growth mindset and embraced a proactive approach. I invested time and effort into creating compelling content that resonated with my audience. By staying active on social media and engaging with my followers consistently, I gradually built a loyal and engaged community. In terms of meeting deadlines and delivering results, I honed my organizational skills and developed effective strategies for managing my workload. Prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance allowed me to meet the demands of brand partnerships and fulfill my commitments successfully. Moreover, seeking guidance from mentors and industry experts played a pivotal role in navigating these initial challenges. Their insights and advice provided valuable perspectives and helped me refine my approach.

Overall, perseverance, a growth mindset, and a willingness to learn and adapt were key in overcoming the initial hurdles I faced as an influencer and marketer. By continuously improving my skills, staying focused on my goals, and seeking support when needed, I was able to navigate these challenges and forge a successful path in my career.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

My advice to individuals worldwide is to discover something that ignites your passion and wholeheartedly pursue it. Engage in your chosen endeavor with unwavering dedication and a positive mindset.

Strive to maintain harmonious relationships with everyone you encounter, ensuring that each interaction leaves a positive impact. By following this advice, you can find fulfillment in your pursuits and contribute to creating a more harmonious world.

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Snapchat: Chrisamponsah6


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