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Chef Zule Ankamah | Ghana & Canada | Culinary Ambassador

Chef | Culinary Entrepreneur | Founder

Community Connector Through Food | Food Expert

Chef Zule Ankamah, a proud Ghanaian, has carved her culinary niche in Windsor, Ontario, for over 25 years. Her passion for uniting people through the art of food and hospitality has been a lifelong endeavor. Born in Ghana, Chef Zule's love for cooking and hosting blossomed in her early years, and the pandemic served as a catalyst to turn her passion into a full-time pursuit. Fueled by the smiles shared over her creations, Chef Zule strives for excellence in every pie she makes. Beyond her culinary talents, Zule is a devoted mother, active volunteer, Rotarian, church community member, fashion enthusiast, and an unapologetic foodie.

Chef Zule's venture, Zuleeats, officially launched in the Fall of 2020, bringing the vibrant flavors of Ghana to Windsor-Essex. Specializing in traditional Ghanaian savory meat pies, Zuleeats offers diverse fillings, including vegan, vegetarian, beef, and chicken. Each pie boasts a unique blend of mouth-watering seasonings enveloped in a flaky golden brown pastry.

The menu extends beyond meat pies to include sausage rolls, Ghanaian meal specials, butter tarts, and almond rolls. Chef Zule welcomes special orders, ensuring accommodation for various dietary restrictions, including gluten-free options.

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch in Canada in 2022 and a Top 100 Mom-preneur through Total Mom Inc in 2023, Chef Zule stands as a culinary trailblazer in Windsor-Essex. Zuleeats is not only a thriving restaurant but a family-owned, women-owned, and proudly black-owned business.

Beyond her culinary prowess, Chef Zule is an advocate for individuals with disabilities and newcomers to Canada. Zuleeats has earned accolades as a top restaurant and business within Windsor-Essex County.

Chef Zule Ankamah's journey embodies resilience, passion, and a commitment to building bridges through the universal language of food. Her delectable creations and community engagement make Zuleeats a culinary haven in Windsor, celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the rich tapestry of West African flavors.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @zuleeats


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