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Charity Akpabey | Ghana | You Are Unstoppable!!!

Business Analyst | Product Manager | Tech & Leadership Skills Advocate for Teenagers | YALI Alumni

Over the past 11 years, I have actively immersed myself in the workforce, embracing roles both as an employee and entrepreneur. Notably, seven of those years, spanning from 2012 to the present, have been dedicated to digital endeavors. My initial venture into the digital realm involved the management of my company's social media presence and website, an experience that not only brought immense gratification but also unearthed opportunities for skill enhancement. Since that pivotal year, I have dedicated each subsequent year to the continuous expansion of my knowledge within the digital landscape. Choosing thematic focuses annually, such as Immersion, Craftsmanship, Road to Mastery, and most recently, adopting the persona of Charity Akpabey, has charted my professional trajectory.

This strategic approach, complemented by the creation of vision boards, formulation of yearly plans, and meticulous documentation and analysis of progress, has yielded remarkable results.

The documentation of my goals has proven invaluable in discerning and selectively pursuing opportunities that align with my desired trajectory and aspirations.Through this disciplined approach, I have achieved notable milestones, including the completion of prestigious fellowships like YALI, Blossom Data, and the AYA Web3 Fellowship. Furthermore, I have authored and published my inaugural book, set to be launched soon. Additionally, I have extensively enriched my knowledge through extensive reading, successful completion of courses in Product Management, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and SEO. I have honed my digital marketing and strategic skills.

Today, I firmly believe that I am steadily progressing toward becoming one of the foremost digital business leaders, utilizing technology to address intricate business challenges.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

One of the most formidable challenges I confronted was navigating the path to acquire the essential tech skills required for a transition into the field of technology. Initially pursuing a career in academia with aspirations of becoming a lecturer, I diligently followed the necessary steps, completing my first master's degree in Population Studies. I eagerly awaited the final stages of my thesis, including writing, submission, and graduation. However, life threw a family challenge my way, disrupting my academic pursuits.

During the waiting period for my thesis to progress, I opted to take on a sales job in an FMCG company as a temporary solution to keep myself occupied until my academic pursuits could resume. It was during this time that I encountered an individual who had constructed a website for my company. Witnessing his work sparked a belief in me that I, too, could acquire tech skills.Undoubtedly, the decision to embark on this new path was one of the most challenging I had ever faced. I had to make the choice to leave my job and step into the unknown realm of learning tech skills. Questions about how and where to begin loomed large, adding to the weight of uncertainty on my mind.

Summoning the courage to take the leap, I resigned from my sales job and enrolled in an all-women coding and business development bootcamp. This immersive experience provided a supportive environment where I could learn and grow. It was during this program that I first utilized Bootstrap CSS to construct an online marketplace, proudly named Muqafrik.

Balancing the responsibilities of being a young mother and wife while navigating unemployment posed an immense challenge. Yet, I clung to the belief that my venture would eventually yield positive results. With unwavering determination, I persevered through the difficulties, knowing that the payoff would be worth the journey.

Reflecting on that pivotal decision to pursue tech skills and create Muqafrik, it has become an integral part of my personal history. I take pride in how far I've come, recognizing that the journey I undertook has shaped me into the person I am today. It stands as a poignant reminder that even in the face of adversity, perseverance and dedication can lead to remarkable accomplishments.

An advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Allow me to share the wisdom of my esteemed virtual mentor, Mr. Fred Swaniker, the visionary behind the African Leadership Academy, who once said, "Do Hard Things." These words encapsulate the very essence of a biblical philosophy: to sow in the season of daylight, for the night will inevitably come when our ability to act ceases.

Today, young individuals find themselves in an extraordinary position in history. They possess boundless creativity, fearlessness, strength, and an abundance of energy and optimism. Unburdened by responsibilities or the weight of past experiences, they are primed to shape bright futures for their countries and continents. Moreover, the barriers to starting businesses or acquiring impressive skills and careers have diminished, with a mere click of a button opening up endless opportunities.

It has always been my desire to connect with and inspire young people, which is why I penned "Tech Hustle: The Journey of a Girl Who Emerged Out of Nowhere," the inaugural volume in a series of novels I intend to write. "Tech Hustle'' serves as my heartfelt message of love and encouragement to the younger generation, regardless of age or location. I firmly believe that nothing should hinder one's dreams and aspirations. For more details about "Tech Hustle'' and to explore further works by Charity Akpabey, please visit

In this exciting era of limitless possibilities, let us remember Mr. Fred Swaniker's timeless advice—to embrace challenges, tackle difficult tasks, and defy the boundaries that stand before us. Together, we can ignite a spirit of determination and resilience that will shape a brighter future for all.

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