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Barima Yoofi | Ghana | Infinite Capabilities

Spoken Word Artist | Human Activist | Love Is My Religion

Hello! I am Barima Yoofi, a young artist who specializes in spoken word poetry, voice over work, and acting. I consider myself a voice for the voiceless and a proud member of the Poetry Community known as 'Ehalakasa'. As a student of knowledge, I am always striving to improve and learn new things. As a child, my potential for speaking and intelligence was noticed by my class teacher, who encouraged me to recite poetry and other articles at our annual graduation ceremonies. This experience proved to be a nurturing ground for my talent, as I received weekly training on Fridays to sharpen my skills. When I expressed my interest in becoming a prolific writer, my father took me to the Pan-African Writers Association (PAWA) House in Ghana, where I became the youngest member of the Ghana Association of Writers at just 12 years old. My pursuit for a bigger adventure began when I gained admission to Ghana National College, where I discovered deeper and hidden treasures within myself. I recognized the powerful tool that I possessed and have been working tirelessly towards my goals ever since. My work has been featured in France, and my visuals 'Walking Oxymoron' have been showcased on notable media platforms such as GhOne TV, Adom TV, and Joy Prime. I have also been featured in articles for High School Magazine and other publications. Through my pursuit for greatness, I have had the opportunity to work with great personalities such as the Legendary Okyeame Kwame, Mr. Poetry Rhymesonny, Khendibeatz (the sound engineer behind Sore Remix which featured Stormzy), and White Chalk Global. Currently, I have two poetry tapes available on major streaming platforms.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

To me, the journey of creative writing and creation is more divine than a mere platform for voicing out one's thoughts. I see myself as an advocate for the less privileged and for those who wish for their voices to be heard. However, following this path has brought numerous hurdles, and I want to highlight one in particular - the fact that creative writing is not recognized as a profession or a "9-5" job. I want people to be able to say they're an artist, just like doctors or other professions, without being asked what else they do for survival. I want my craft to be recognized as a well-paying profession, and for parents and guardians to fully support their children pursuing creative writing as a profession.

Countless times, I have been told that the path I have chosen is impossible to achieve in Ghana, and that I need to be overseas to do a good job. Many people classify this craft as a hobby or an outmoded industry, and advise me to switch to music, which they see as having a higher tendency to pay off better. However, these opinions only give me the zeal to push and achieve my bigger dreams. I want to be a creative writer or an artist, and that should be enough.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

Finally, I believe that every dream is placed in our heart for a reason so we must not allow others to speak us out of it. You are a god with infinite capabilities.

Remember that anything worth achieving will cost you your time, energy and resources. We must not give up until we make that dream a reality. It's not going to be easy , there are going to be days where you feel left out and broken but you must see beyond the obstacles and keep going till we meet the zenith.

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