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Ayisha Modi | Ghana | My Daily Calling

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


My name is Ayisha Modi. I am a fiercely and collaboratively leader, acting as an advisor and mentor to new talents in the arts and creative space or the entertainment industry in Ghana. I focus on driving progressive talents in this new world, by emphasizing on growth experience. I have been grateful to have also collaborated with different movers in different spaces who want to maximize business performance through progressive people strategies. (My perspective): I am one of Ghana’s foremost thinkers on the future of work in the entertainment space and a die-hard fan of Stonebwoy (a successful Ghanaian artist). Being one of few women talent managers in this space, I am grateful to have artists such as Kwesi Slay and King Jerry RS and more under my wing. After launching several successful talents, using people skills and social media plugins as the new norm. I have figured out a way to leverage relationships and brands. I am here to stay - influencing and playing my role as a community influencer!!

What are the hurdles you see our youths are facing in the entertainment industry? I am not too old nor am I too young and certainly I can’t admit to knowing all the problems confronting our entertainment industry. There is no growth in the industry because the sabotaging in the entertainment industry is too much. Furthermore, people do not know how to repay good with good in this industry. Such actions make it difficult for people to help new talents or artists. I believe that when someone helps you at some point in time in your life, no matter what happens, you should not speak ill of the person, always choose your fights wisely. Gossip and enmity are appalling. These are hurdles I endure in the industry on a daily basis.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Choose mentors, collaborators and friends wisely who will work in your interest! Stop throwing money at paid advertising and start building a funnel that will bring you the right stakeholders in your circle.


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