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Awurama Kena-Asiedu | Ghana | Smile & Tenacity

CEO of Ramaplast Ghana | Environmentalist | Climate Activist | Social Entrepreneur | UN SDG Advocate

Meet Awurama Kena-Asiedu, the Chief Executive Officer of Ramaplast Ghana, is a dynamic entrepreneur, global shaper, and UN SDG advocate. With a passion for branding, she founded RAMAFRIQUE GHANA, a company specializing in bespoke bag souvenirs for individuals and firms. Her creative approach ensures that each piece aligns with the unique identity of the brand.

Awurama takes pride in producing 100% made in Ghana bags for brands, incorporating African prints and themed patterns into her designs. She has successfully consulted and designed tailored leather and fabric souvenirs for over 121 brands, including renowned names such as Cocobod, Ghana Atomic Energy, GIZ, and Ghana Business Standard Awards. Beyond being a bag production house, Ramafrique Ghana is committed to environmental sustainability. The company recycles pure water sachets into bags and distributes them to vulnerable children across the country, addressing both the plastic waste problem and supporting the community.

In her role as CEO of Ramaplast Ghana, Awurama leads a plastic waste recycling initiative aimed at curbing the sanitation crisis in Ghana. The project focuses on using plastic waste to produce affordable bags for students, with the goal of serving one student with one Ramaplast bag. The initiative contributes to solving sanitation issues, water pollution, and the global climate change menace faced by the country.

As the Managing Director of Ramafrique, a Ghanaian fashion brand established in 2013, Awurama has successfully united the world through authentic African print bags and accessories. With over 46,000 products and a focus on African print, Ramafrique has become a hub for unique accessories in Ghana and West Africa. Awurama is not only a business leader but also a community builder. She is a member of Global Shapers Ghana, contributing to shaping the future of her community. Additionally, as the Vice President for Fempreneurship Ghana, she actively propels women's empowerment.

Awurama Kena-Asiedu is a proud alumna of the University of Ghana, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Statistics. Her journey in business and social impact showcases her commitment to making Ghana proud. For those interested in customized bag souvenirs or contributing to Ramaplast Ghana's social responsibility efforts, Awurama welcomes connections at

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