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Ashley Callingbull | Canada | Promoting Cultural Pride

Model | Actress | Dancer | Motivational Speaker In-Game Host | Advocate

Ashley Callingbull, a proud member of the Cree First Nation from Enoch, Alberta, is more than just a model, actress, dancer, and motivational speaker; she's a trailblazer for Indigenous representation and empowerment. Embracing her Cree heritage, Ashley engages in various initiatives alongside Elders and Indigenous youth, striving to amplify Indigenous voices and shed light on issues like the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls cause.

Born and raised in Enoch Cree Nation near Edmonton, Ashley's journey to prominence began early. By age 10, she had clinched all of Enoch's princess crowns, foreshadowing her future as a beacon of Indigenous beauty and resilience. Despite facing challenges in her upbringing, Ashley's strength and determination propelled her forward. Graduating high school at 16, she embarked on university studies, pursuing degrees in Communications and Arts, with a focus on drama and acting.

Ashley's ascent to prominence accelerated when she represented Canada in international pageants, showcasing her grace, intelligence, and commitment to advocacy. Notably, she became Miss Canada for the Miss Friendship International Pageant and represented her country at prestigious events worldwide.

Harnessing her platform, Ashley leveraged her fame to advocate for Indigenous rights and elevate the voices of her community in the political arena, notably during the 2015 federal election.

Her crowning achievement came in 2015 when she made history as the first Canadian and Indigenous woman to win the Mrs. Universe title. Wearing a dress designed to raise awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women, Ashley used her platform to shine a spotlight on critical issues facing Indigenous communities. Her advocacy didn't stop there; she continued to break barriers, becoming the first Indigenous woman to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in May 2022.

Beyond her achievements in pageantry and modeling, Ashley is also a talented actress, known for her role as Sheila Delaronde in the acclaimed series Blackstone. Her personal journey, marked by resilience and a commitment to advocacy, has earned her numerous accolades, including the Role Model Award from the United Nations and recognition as one of Canada's Top 10 Power Women.

In both her personal and professional life, Ashley remains dedicated to using her voice and platform to effect positive change. Whether advocating for Indigenous rights, promoting cultural pride, or breaking barriers in the fashion industry, Ashley Callingbull continues to inspire and uplift Indigenous communities worldwide.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @ashleycallingbull

Facebook: @ashelycallingbull


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