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Araba Sey | Ghana | My Zeal & Belief

Fashion Model | Career Coach | Marketer | Realtor | Brand Ambassador

I'm a young and vibrant lady strongly driven by passion and ambition and stop at nothing to inspire, impact and achieve whatever I set my mind on to do. Telling me I'm not capable of doing something is the reason why I would even strive hard to prove you wrong. This is the goal I want young people to aim at by using me as an example because we live in an era where social media has become powerful and has changed the path or way people tread on to be successful especially in the field of entertainment or showbiz. While most also easily give up or fall into depression.

I graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana and in preparation to further my Masters. Talking of my journey and prior successes; I portray myself as a versatile personality (Jack of all trades). My career journey all began from my second year in University. I have participated and worked in different fields or areas because I love to be adventurous and explore my potential abilities. Exploring opens you up to realizing how good you can be in areas you never thought you could be. Hence, boosting your self confidence and esteem. Another advantage of being versatile is that it aids you in gaining multiple streams of income. Back in school I was passionately involved in student politics and student national congresses during my tertiary education. Hence I took up outstanding leadership positions on KNUST campus.

Besides student politics, I have been successful in beauty pageantry and modelling. I won Miss KNUST, Ghana in 2016. I won the Most Influential Model of the year at the 2016 Ghana Tertiary Awards and was also a past delegate for Miss Malaika Ghana 2016. I was also selected as the Best African Model from Ghana for the African Entertainment Legend Awards 2017 held in Lagos, Nigeria.

I have received other various awards, honours and nominations in and outside Ghana for my influence and impact; some of which include Women's Choice Awards Africa, Youth Excellence Awards, Social Media Entertainment Awards, Ghana Models Awards, just to mention a few. I have featured in a few top brands in and outside Ghana which include GTP, NestleGhana, Exeter Corned Beef, Stanbic Bank, Bajaaj Motors Nigeria and more. One of my topmost excelling international features was with Moziak South African Magazine as the front cover model. I have mentored many young people on career choices and personal development as well as modelling.

I'm passionate about fashion especially too, of which most people recognize me for. Styling up myself can easily switch my bad mood to a good one most often. I believe looking good and being stylish creates a good impression about you to people even without talking. Anyone wanting to build a good brand or business should always give importance to their appearance.

After school I got into Marketing and worked with a few brands/companies in planning out marketing strategies to build their brands and later got into the real estate business. My passion for delving into all these areas is to inspire young people and to motivate ladies more essentially that we can also excel in career fields that are mostly practiced or dominated by men. I have also engaged in community service by organizing cleanup exercises in certain communities in collaboration with Beach Soccer Ghana to improve sanitation and promote tourism.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

The biggest initial hurdles I faced were combining academics and extra curricular activities but with adequate and strategic planning ahead of time, things became easy to deal with. Other challenges I faced at times were the inconsistencies of contracts or gigs coming in relation to my modelling career and financial instability to aid in maintaining my brand. But with determination, belief and holding on to the reality that I have come too far to give up and to the goal that I want to be the reason someone would never give up is what I focused on to overcome them.

What books are you currently reading?

The books I'm currently reading are "The Secrets of Influential People by Steven Pearce and Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

What always sparks up my push or drive to my achievements and successes is for young people to be motivated by my zeal and belief that nothing is too big to achieve despite the challenges we face as young people especially when one becomes vulnerable and at the mercy of people who try to take advantage of him or her because they can help him or her

Many successful people have been through these challenges but they still held on and pulled through and this is what I want every young person out there to know. No one is out there posting their failures but behind the scenes, most successful people out there have experienced more failures than we publicly know. No one is too special not to encounter failure. Failure is always included in the ingredients of success. Practice they say makes man perfect and practice isn't a one day trial. It is a conscious consistent effort and trial put in every time until you become perfect.

The foundation to building and achieving one's goals should always be the God factor. Anything else can follow after this. One should discover themselves to know where their passion, talents and interests lie so they don't just get into any field without any tangible purpose or reason as this era of social media is diverting people from their actual purpose or field to what they admire or are pressurized by online.

Desperation should be cancelled out of their thoughts and plans.It gives some people who are above them in their fields of interest to take advantage of them.They should persevere and not give in to frustration or depression when challenges set in.Success is a process.It may come slow or fast but if you follow the right rules and path you will surely get there

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