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Amira Elghawaby | Canada | Championing Representation & Accountability

Canadian Journalist | Communications Professional

Human Rights Activist | Canada's First Special Representative On Combatting Islamophobia

Meet Amira Elghawaby, a Canadian journalist, communications professional, and human rights activist who has become a prominent voice in the fight against Islamophobia. Appointed as Canada's first Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia in January 2023, she serves as a champion, advisor, expert, and representative to enhance the government's efforts in combating Islamophobia, systemic racism, racial discrimination, and religious intolerance.

Amira's journey spans diverse roles, from contributing columnist at the Toronto Star to leading strategic communications at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Her career includes impactful contributions to Canada's labor movement, communications, and human rights at the Canadian Labour Congress, as well as promoting civil liberties for Canadian Muslims at the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Amira's commitment to countering hate and promoting inclusion is evident in her roles as a founding board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and a board member at the Silk Road Institute. She has served two terms as a Commissioner on the Public Policy Forum’s Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression, showcasing her dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive Canada.

As Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, Amira plays a vital role in guiding the government's efforts. Her multifaceted mandate includes providing guidance on policies, legislative proposals, monitoring anti-Muslim hatred, and promoting public awareness. She actively engages with diverse stakeholders, reframing narratives, and combatting stereotypes to highlight the rich and intersectional identities of Muslim communities in Canada.

Amira's appointment faced scrutiny, with Quebec Premier François Legault calling for her resignation. Despite controversy, she stands resilient, supported by prominent voices advocating for her continued role. Her commitment to addressing Islamophobia and promoting understanding remains unwavering.

Amira's journey, marked by resilience and determination, exemplifies her unwavering dedication to fostering a more inclusive and tolerant Canada. As a visible Muslim woman in the public eye, she navigates challenges with grace, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian political landscape.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Amira Elghawaby

Instagram: @elghawabyamira

Twitter: @AmiraElghawaby


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