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Allan Mulei | Kenya | Strong Support System

Founder of Tao Architects & Tao Architects Foundation

Architectural Designer | Philanthropist | Changemaker

Hello, my name is Allan Mulei, and I am the founder of Tao Architects and Tao Architects Foundation. From the challenging slums of Dandora, I embarked on a journey driven by a passion to bring about change in my community. Despite numerous obstacles, including financial constraints and limited resources, I pursued my dream of architecture and design. With determination and perseverance, I overcame these challenges and established my own firm, Tao Architects. Recognizing the impact of my upbringing, I focused on developing sustainable and affordable housing solutions for low-income communities. Motivated by a desire to empower others, I established the Tao Architects Foundation. Through this initiative, we provide opportunities for young people in underprivileged areas to learn about architecture and design, nurturing their talents and ambitions. My journey has taught me the power of unwavering perseverance. No matter how daunting the circumstances, it is crucial to remain resolute and never give up on one's aspirations. To aspiring entrepreneurs, I encourage you to stay focused on your goals and maintain a clear sense of purpose. Surround yourself with a supportive network and seek guidance from experienced mentors and fellow entrepreneurs who can offer valuable insights. My vision for Tao Architects is to continue pushing boundaries, innovating, and creating sustainable, affordable housing solutions that significantly improve people's lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story, hoping to inspire others to pursue their dreams and catalyze positive change in their communities.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

I faced significant initial hurdles on my journey as an architect and founder of Tao Architects. However, I overcame these obstacles through perseverance and resourcefulness. I had to navigate the competitive industry and establish my credibility as a young architect. I faced skepticism and doubts from potential clients and partners. To overcome this, I focused on honing my skills, continuously learning, and delivering exceptional results. Through my dedication and commitment to quality, I gradually built a strong reputation and gained the trust and confidence of clients and stakeholders.

Moreover, being from a disadvantaged community presented its own set of challenges. I harnessed my experiences growing up in the slums of Dandora to fuel my determination to make a positive impact. I channeled my passion for creating sustainable and affordable housing solutions, despite limited support and resources, and turned it into a driving force for change. Overall, my resilience, creative problem-solving, and unwavering commitment enabled me to overcome the initial hurdles I faced. My ability to adapt, seek opportunities, and leverage my experiences propelled me forward on my path to success as an architect and community catalyst.

What advice would you offer to young individuals, both locally and internationally, who are embarking on their careers or pursuing their passions?

If you're considering starting your own business, my advice would be to stay focused on your goals and never lose sight of your purpose.

It's essential to have a clear vision and remain dedicated to achieving it, even when faced with challenges or setbacks along the way.

Building a strong support system is equally important, as it provides encouragement, guidance, and a network of like-minded individuals who can offer valuable insights and advice.

Seek out mentors and connect with other entrepreneurs who have already traveled the path you're embarking on. Learn from their experiences, gain inspiration from their successes, and let their wisdom guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember, the road to success may not always be smooth, but with determination, a clear focus, and a strong support system, you can navigate the challenges and achieve your business aspirations.

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