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Alexis Kerr | USA | Pivotal Role

Marketing Executive @Hallmark VP, #Mahogany | Speaker | Fashion Connoisseur | Content Creator

Alexis Kerr, the Vice President of Hallmark Mahogany, isn't just a marketing executive; she's a visionary leader dedicated to empowering Black women and amplifying their voices. With a rich background in global business leadership, Alexis has successfully led the Mahogany brand into new dimensions, evolving it from a greeting card line into a lifestyle brand that resonates deeply with African American culture. Her journey began with pivotal roles at Cadillac and General Motors, where she honed her skills in marketing, strategy, and brand development. Alexis's commitment to multicultural marketing led to significant growth in brand presence and market share, setting the stage for her impactful work at Hallmark.

At Hallmark, Alexis is driving the Mahogany brand forward, curating immersive experiences like the Mahogany Moment event—a space where Black women can learn, connect, and thrive. Her vision extends beyond greeting cards to encompass original movies, podcasts, and lifestyle destinations like, where Black women's stories are celebrated.

Alexis's dedication to diversity, innovation, and community shines through in every aspect of her work. Whether she's leading workshops, facilitating impactful panels, or championing Black-owned businesses, Alexis is committed to fostering connections and uplifting voices.

With Microsoft's collaboration and sponsorship, Alexis continues to expand Mahogany's reach, ensuring it remains a beacon of empowerment and excellence for Black women everywhere.

As she looks to the future, Alexis envisions Mahogany as a sanctuary—a place where Black women can find solace, inspiration, and belonging, no matter what challenges they face.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @iamlexiskerr

LinkedIn: Alexis Kerr


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