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Akwasi Bonsu | Ghana | Plant Your Seeds

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Publisher | Serial Entrepreneur | Consultant

Time is the master of our journey, whatever you do with it counts.

I'm Akwasi Bonsu, a publisher and a serial entrepreneur. My life as an entrepreneur has been a tall mountain that I keep climbing. Growing up as a teenager, dreaming of become somebody has not been easy. But I can recall clearly after I completed junior high school, I was about 16 years (the year 2005) I fully joined my auntie to run her shirt shop in Accra (Makola) - Ghana's central merchandising market hub. That was the beginning of my life in the business world. It wasn’t easy at the beginning- I still recollect the tough treatment I had that day - but later I came to understand that it was for my good. It strengthened me to be bold, articulate and strong. I gained lots of experience during that season of my life. I lived with my auntie all my life, she was a blessing to me. One thing that I will never forget is the advice she gave me “ in this life, you can become or do anything as long as you have the mind. You can achieve anything you are looking for “ this advice resonates with me until this day. I’ve lived my life believing that I can do anything so far as I can think with my mind.

Fast forward to October 2016, I received a word from my spiritual Father Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson Eshun to enter into the media (starting with a magazine etc ). Two weeks after I received a word from my spiritual father, I received a confirmation from another friend of mine who told me about a book I had written titled MY STORY. So immediately I knew that was the title of the magazine I was planning to publish. On the 24th of February 2018, I published my first edition (which was fully funded by my Prophet ELBERNARD) and I recently published my 10th issue (

I have come to understand that life is all about finding who you are, then helping others find themselves. And so far as you can think, it’s enough to become whoever you want to become. And if you believe in God, just heed the direction He has for your life and given time you’ll enjoy seeing the full manifestation.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My background in academics is (Economics and Sociology) and I also studied Business in my Senior High, I didn't have any knowledge of publication or anything connected to media. So in my formative years, I struggled a lot. It took me 2 years to get my first edition ready. But now I can sit comfortably and get an edition done in days. I lost 10,000 Ghana cedis before I could get the ins and out of magazine publication. I learned it the hard way. One piece of advice I'll give to any individual who wants to enter into anything is first and foremost, to get the right knowledge. Give yourself time to learn about any project before you push money into it.

What books are you currently reading?

I like psychological books a lot; THE Secret, 48 laws of power (and most of Robert Greene's publications ). And also books written by Mike Murdoch, Myles Munroe etc. What advice would you give to upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Firstly, who are you? When you find who you are, you won't be in any competition with anyone. Then secondly, why are you here on earth (purpose). Then go for knowledge, enough of it to sustain you in an ignorant world. Thirdly, take it easy on yourself. Everything happens at a given time, when your time is up you'll be seen at the top. When you rush to go up, you might stumble and fall. God is good, at the right time He will bring the right people you need to lift you up. Don't follow trends that you are ignorant about but always be wise so you don't miss the trend. Always go for the word and find an altar to plant your seeds.

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