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JAMES ABDUL | Ghana | Keep Trying!!

The love to become an entrepreneur intuitively is a blessing that has been with me for long. Being raised by a single mother, I witnessed her strive for the best for me. My desire to identify a problem and come out with a solution, is the satisfaction of my life. I had the opportunity to go through the various stages in our educational cycle but I realized that what I actually wanted was to do something on my own, make mistakes and better it.

How the Idea for your business came about?

My primary school education was the epitome of my business life. I identified that most of my mates loved pictures and could even save money to get a picture which served as a memory. I did not know what art was about then, but the solution was that, I could contract someone to do that. I started this by providing some school mates with images drawn by a friend at a fee. This continued until I obtained a digital camera and became the go to person on campus. I made some memories for myself and friends by taking shots and providing them with pictures. All wasn’t perfect then, but the journey and the learning process began. I continued and now enjoyed everything that is artistic.

My biggest initial hurdles in building my business and how I overcame it?

I tried everything even though I know I could fall or fail. Family and friends were not happy with what I had come to love and all they spoke about was school. Learning was very difficult because I had no one to train me so I become my own master. Pressure from family kept confusing me that I even veered off to do music for some time. My love for art was so strong that, art and nothing else. I overcame all these woes with two basic principles that is determination and hard work.

The books I currently read and recommend?

As an entrepreneur, one needs to learn from others and learn new ways of achieving desired goals. I resort to learning online about things pertaining to my career and read books such as The Mafia Manager, The Power of Positive Thinking, The Magic of Thinking Big, From Nowhere to Somewhere, Money Won’t Make you Rich, and If You Want To Be Rich & Happy Don’t Go To School, among other equally interesting and educative books. I encourage upcoming entrepreneurs to addictively read these and other books which feed the mind on how to make it.

How I dealt with contentions from family and friends in my entrepreneurial pursuit?

I had to be more determined because my family almost had nothing doing with me because of the path I have chosen to follow. Their wish for me was, be the school boy they wanted and I also disliked it so much. Friends wanted me to go along with them but I chose being different with my determination and hard work, knowing what I wanted. Giving up on me was their anthem and I pledged making a difference, interesting to know. I have realized in turn of events that I should keep on trying and bringing results that will convince everyone to adore and support my course.

My single most influential factor in my business success?

My business career has thought me many things and the best of it all is building a unique brand for your work by learning from others and adding up. I had always wanted to learn from giants in the Photography industry. The most influential part of my business career was meeting some African Giants in the industry in Nigeria, the likes of Dir.Clarence, Peters, Unlimited LA, Steven Adusei and even endorsement of my works by some legends in the country. The satiation keeps increasing and keeps blowing my mind.

· What I know today that I didn’t know back then?

Since life is a learning process, one thing I have come to realize is that, we keep on trying and learning even when we fail, we don’t give up. We assure ourselves of a better trail the next time till it becomes better.

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs locally and internationally is very simple. You need to keep trying till it becomes perfect. You may fail countless times and will definitely rise many times and it brings about perfection. Be guided with lifetime principles and a philosophy of life. It is your deepest secret and your weapon in the journey of life.

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