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Kendra Hall | New Jersey | Small Improvement!

Personal development pushed me to start my new business venture. I wanted to be my best self and felt stifled by today’s traditional work force. I felt that I could help more young women and people in general by mentoring and inspiring hope. This led me to establish: Droppin Jewels, LLC. My business venture came about after writing a book aimed at helping young women who feel trapped in their current situation. I came to the realization that by establishing my book as a business model, I could help to inspire people on a much larger scale.

What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?

My biggest hurdle was time and energy. While building my business I was working a very demanding full-time job and found myself emotionally and physically exhausted by the time I got home. I realized that if I didn’t find the time or energy to build my business, I would be stuck in the life cycle of working for someone else for the rest of my life. I made the decision to change my daily routine, making physical fitness a priority. Working out in the mornings at 5am gave me added energy throughout my day and helped to relieve a substantial amount of stress. I found myself more energized when I got home from work and was then able to dedicate more time to my own business.

What books are you currently reading?

Currently I am re-reading my book, Droppin’ Jewels: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life. I find it cathartic and inspiring to remind myself of where I started in my life and business journey. The solid principals from my book are universal and help me stay on track in my business and personal life. I highly recommend my book for entrepreneurs to read.

Did you ever deal with contention from your family and friends concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits?

No, I have thankfully not had any of those issues.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business success?

My belief in myself is the single most influential factor in my success. Confidence is key because if you do not see your vision, then it will be hard for you to share it with others.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur?

The main thing I wish I would have known is that it takes a village to jumpstart a business. Don’t hesitate to outsource certain tasks in order to ease your burden of responsibility. You are more productive when you are not weighed down by mundane tasks.

What advice would you give to an upcoming entrepreneur locally and internationally?

The advice I would give to upcoming entrepreneurs locally and internationally is to stay the course and do not be afraid to make small improvements to your plan. You are always growing; thus, your business concepts should reflect this growth.


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