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Meghan Meredith | Los Angeles | Dream BIG!!!

I was inspired to start my own business because my family moves frequently and this would be a way for me to maintain my career wherever we move to. The idea for my business came about through a lot of soul searching and through the TV show, Fixer Upper! I spent the first 4 months of my new marriage in a hotel room as we were sent for a temporary extended business trip. I discovered this show while in Alabama and loved the Gaines' perspective on home and family. This led to me begin thinking about the connect of our homes and our wellness and eventually through much contemplating and prayer, HomeBodySoul was birthed!

My top 3 pieces of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs would be

1.) don't give up the first time you fail. Failure is inevitable in this venture, but with each failure you will learn so much that will benefit you through each new endeavor. 2.) Get creative! Think outside the box when coming up with your business, product, etc. Think scalability and how you can continue to grow your business or product. 3.) Don't be afraid to dream BIG! Being an entrepreneur is a journey, well, more like a rollercoaster ride. But reach for the stars and don't be intimidated by failure.

If I had the chance to start over again

I honestly wouldn't do anything differently. I've learned so much through this process and with each failure or hardship, I've gained immeasurable wisdom both personally and professionally. Even though the road has been bumpy, sometimes we have to take the bumpy road to truly appreciate the smooth, paved road when we get to it. And you will get to it if you continue to dig your heels in the ground and work hard!

The top 3 skills

I'd say you need to be an entrepreneur would be - grit, organizational skills, and an open, flexible mind. Being an entrepreneur requires a heck of a lot of grit. When the going gets tough, are you doing to quit or press in harder and push through? When you fail once, is that it or are you going to own it and move on, taking the wisdom gained and making it even better the next go around? Running your own business requires a lot of organizational skills in order to maintain your books, schedule, finances, etc. It's best to create a system that works from the beginning! And lastly, having an open and flexible mind is a must for being an entrepreneur. Your ideas won't manifest themselves the way you first envisioned and you will constantly be refunding your messaging and brand to make it better. You have to be willing to let go of some things in order to find the best thing.

Push Through!!!

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