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Dr. Ivia Magalhães | Brazil | Healthy Lifestyle!

I spent my childhood in the interior of the state of Bahia. When I was 12 years old I moved to the capital for the sake of studies. It was not easy to live away from my family, but at the same time it made me stronger. I wanted to work with something that could promote healthy lifestyle. My father (a doctor) made a positive impact in my life on my quest to pick my career - studying medicine at the age of 18. I have always dedicated my life to understand not only diseases but people as a whole. As soon as I graduated in Medical School I started my specializations. My internship rotations were very very intense and somedays I could say I physically lived in the hospital. During my graduation, I dedicated a lot of my time to scientific researches, because of that I was invited to collaborate as a writer of a book chapter - re: for the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine. I’ve always wondered why many non-communicable diseases have been increasing so intensely. I was sad to watch many patients suffering in the hospitals wards.

I was not happy during the endoscopy fellowship while I only had to perform exams like digestive endoscopy and ultrasound and prescribe medicines. Although a fellowship in that area was prestigious, I still felt that something was wrong because I need more contact with my patients besides just performing exams. Instead of treating diseases I wanted to treat the patients.Therefore, I decided to take few courses in the area of ​​prevention. I also took other courses like Lifestyle Medicine taught by institutions like Harvard and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. I realized that I could do a lot more for my patient within my private practice by addressing the pillars of the Lifestyle Medicine Movement which are Healthy Eating (micro / macronutrients), Sleep / Stress Management, Physical Activity and Care for the Environment.

I decided it was time to set up my own practice - a multidisciplinary health center. Therefore, I used everything I learned from my mother in running my business aspects, applying those experience and concepts to the clinic. As I get more testimonies and results from my patients. I stopped going and working in hospitals. Today, I have dedicated myself exclusively to my clinic and the needs of my company and my patients, alongside with the support of my husband. I evaluate every case of my patients - taking into consideration the multiple aspects of health with the help of different health professionals, putting together the best strategies for lifestyle changes. I use medication solely when necessary and we do patients follow-up frequently to help with transition so they can put into practice what they learnt about healthy lifestyle.We’ve been receiving so far, awesome feedbacks from our patients while they significantly improve their quality of life. I also could not let to mention that those pillars are cited in several Guidelines: Eating properly, doing physical activity and sleeping well is the best way to prevent and in some cases even treat many diseases.

Recently, I received the Honorable Award at the IV Lifestyle Summit in Brazil, for the dedication and active involvement in helping to promote Lifestyle Medicine in our country. In addition, I was invited to be the President of the National Academic League of Functional Health and Lifestyle Medicine by Dr. Fabio dos Santos (President of the Brazilian Association of Functional Health and Lifestyle Medicine and Vice President of the Latin American Association of Lifestyle Medicine).

2. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My parents have always been my biggest inspiration. The Lifestyle Medicine movement started abroad. But we have been practicing Lifestyle Medicine in our country for years since I can remember.

3. What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favourite aspects of being an entrepreneur is practicing everything that motivates me.

4. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

​Hearing positive feedbacks from my patients gives me validation that implementing correct diagnose/treatment generally improves quality of life.

5. What advice would you give to an upcoming young and old entrepreneur locally and internationally?

Be true to yourself, convey truth to your stakeholders involved,truly care about the welfare of your patients.

Be courageous and have faith. Your financial return is the result of your hard-work plus your love, dedication and commitment.

Lastly, I believe that success is a consequence of doing what we really love and professional accomplishment only occurs when we have a personal fulfillment!


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