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Joseph Duku | Ghana | Trust The Process!

Founder | Philanthropist

Growing up as a kid - the desire of starting a business has always been my number one priority. In college - Philadelphia, I decided to start a small online business called Ghorderonline. This was a platform where most of the youth in Ghana could freely order products from the States and have it delivered at their doorstep in Ghana. But things didn't go as planned. I felt like everything was going wrong back then, I was completely overwhelmed with the process in completing just one business transaction. So as you can tell, that business didn't last. - failed! However, during the FIFA World Cup in 2014, the Black Stars of Ghana (Men's Soccer Team) miraculously happened to qualify. Prior to the qualification I had also made plans to go to Ghana for the summer to take care of some family commitments. So I just randomly thought about making T-shirts for the fans of the Ghana national team to support during this period. I made a few T-shirts for the start during the early period of the competition. But before that I actually ran the idea with a few friends and everyone thought it was a decent idea. So I went all in and sold out (Ghana, USA, Europe ) way before the World Cup was over. I even thought about restocking but it was then too late. That's where and how everything started and we got the name Number1fan. The response was amazing and everyone seemed to be looking out for more and more after the World Cup so we couldn't just let everyone down. Even though the main plan was just for the Summer of 2014. However, we had to come up with something new and innovative to stage our positioning in this growing market.


What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started? - Positivity: You have to always look at the brighter side of the picture! Good times, bad times, stay positive.

- Overtime: Put in a little more time. Be patient and know that the extra effort is always rewarding.

- Execution: Enough talking about your idea - get to work! There are so many ideas that don't manifest in our minds. Once you get the idea, you have to execute. Remember you don't have to fly yet! Start crawling, then walk, then jog, then run, then soar high and be nothing but Number1!

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? 1. Be consistent - Keep moving regardless of the circumstance.. If you compare yourself to others, that might be your downfall. Whether you're walking, running, crawling or even flying, be consistent and trust the process! Each stage has a lesson to teach. 2. Work very hard but work smarter and be innovative. 3. Motivate yourself every morning and leave the rest to God through prayer. Speak your success into existence.

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