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Pierre-Edouard Banry | France | Don't Second Guess

My name is Pierre - Edouard Banry, I was born in Troyes (France).

I first worked at Pascal Caffet (MOF and world champion Patissier). I was fortunate enough to meet the best of the best Patissiers. I learned a lot by their side;today I work with a former Chef of Caffet - I am in charge of the laboratory!

I embarked on this adventure because I had the request via various social media networks where I posted few photos. I figured why not return the favor! Momentarily, I don’t regret taking that risk. My schedule is filling up slowly as we speak and I will soon be heading out to Iran, China, Mexico and Dubai on business matters.

I want to be able to combine travelling and pastry. Thanks to my mentor and boss (Florent Sourice) - with his assistance and support. I started my company "PEB CONSULTING" in parallel to my fulltime job. The difficult thing was - getting started, and long administrative work involved. Other than that, I have not experienced any particular difficulties. In my case, everyone was supported, re: my wife, my family or my friends.

"PEB CONSULTING" is a few months old, therefore I have not encountered anything major to change.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your success? My professionalism and the quality of the products I offer – the experience.

- What I would like to know and still do not know is the ability to speak and understand English perfectly. In advance though, I do apologize for my English grammar and structure.

- The advice I can give is - don't doubt or second guess! If you are convinced of what you are doing, then believe that it will work.

Freedom to Express!

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