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Émilie Macas | Toronto | BE WHO YOU ARE! BE YOU! DO YOU!

Chopra Meditation Educator | Renowned Reiki Teacher | Author

I am Émilie Macas, I was born in an Alpine town in Southeast France. My parents were Portuguese immigrants that arrived in France in the late 1960’s. My father was emotionally and physically abusive, running a dictatorship until he left us when I was 13 years old.At a very young age I had to make choices that altered the course of my life. I had to park my dreams to have a post- secondary degree and started working very early on. I faced a series of heartbreaking betrayals that caused me to sink further into despair. At 20 years old, I tried to end my suffering.It only takes a moment to visit the darkness in our hearts. Even though we can’t see it when we are in pain, the light is always there. My brightest light of hope shined in 2002 when I met my husband in Toronto. I left everything behind in Europe to live my love story. I was scared but I trusted and followed my heart. In 2005 after giving birth to my first born, I was hit with another storm in my life. I was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. My mom suffered with the same illness so I knew the path I was entering. This is when I made a crucial decision in my life. I believed my body was “screaming “ for me to pay attention, I knew there was an inner battlefield going on beyond my understanding. I chose to start my healing journey going into the root cause of this so-called disease. I believed that the pain that I was feeling physically was reflecting my emotional pain. I believe in the power of the connection of our mind, body and soul. I believe that we all can connect with our inner wisdom and access our inner pharmacy. After 16 years, I am managing my autoimmune disease naturally and I don’t have any signs of degeneration in my joints.

I am a Reiki Teacher, Chopra Meditation Educator, I hold a certification in Hypnosis and in Trauma Counselling. I am a wellness and mental health advocate. One of my latest accomplishments was writing and publishing my book. The Naked Truth Of A Healer- The Path to My Authentic Self. Writing a book in English, which is my third language, is an incredible step in my journey. I envisioned this book since I was seven years old. I believe it was written in my soul. I chose to create a two-part structure book, starting with my story. Sharing my vulnerability, my childhood trauma and the moments that impacted my life tremendously. There is an immeasurable power in sharing our stories and I had the chance to witness it countless times. The Part II of the book is a deep reflection on my healing journey through the lens of a holistic professional. I hope this book can be a starting point for anyone who reads it and that this book will inspire anyone to believe that we are the masterpieces in our lives and we have the unmeasurable ability to change the narrative of our stories. Unleashing our magic is an inside job!

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Honestly, the biggest challenge was to believe in myself. Self-love and Self-worth were exceptionally challenging for me to find. My father tore my self-esteem apart at a very young age. For the longest time, I felt “less than”. I spent most of my life trying to please people so I could feel seen, heard, validated and accepted. Basic needs that were not met as a child. When I understood, integrated and embodied that I AM ENOUGH it was a turning point in my life. We can’t fail at being who we are because there is no one like us. We are all unique expressions of consciousness. Finding myself ,reconnecting with who I am, was the biggest challenge.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

I would say don’t compare yourself to no anyone! We live in a society where everything exposed on social media, youth is bombarded by representations that most of the time are not even real.


The only person you need to receive approval is from yourself! BE your biggest cheerleader. Follow your heart, your intuition. There is within us an inner compass, we just need to silence our mind so we can listen to it. Your story doesn't dictate your future, you do! You have the responsibility to find your purpose, no one else has the key to your path. You may fall, it is ok! Good news, when you hit the bottom, there is only one way UP! Nurture your goals and aspirations with all your might! Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, you need people that help you stay grounded , balanced in life and that inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Believe that you can accomplish anything! You are a Being of infinite possibilities. If anyone tells you, you can’t! Smile and say.. “Watch me!”

You are the superhero in your life story!

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