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StartUps News

CEO of Singapore’s multi-million dollar homecare start-up shares top tips for success.

After spending 15 years abroad, Singaporean entrepreneur Gillian Tee decided to return home in 2016 to be closer to her family.

It was what she called “the perfect storm.” 


This 26-year-old turned her side hustle into a $170,000-per-year business: ‘4 things I wish I knew sooner’

In 2020, at age 24, I quit my job as an engineer to focus on my travel blogging side hustle. That turned out to be the best career decision I’ve ever made.

My blog, Packs Light, brought in over $170,000 in gross income last year, thanks to sponsored social media posts, blog articles and B2B marketing consultations........


Side Hustle News

This 28-year-old built a side hustle that brings in $30,000 a month: ‘I only have to work 6 hours a week’


Before the pandemic, I worked at an ad-tech startup in California and made $240,000 a year, including sales commission.

But as the country went into lockdown in March 2020, so did many of my retail, restaurant and entertainment clients. Even after putting in long hours, I struggled to meet my sales quota.

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Family Business News

After meeting 17 years ago, sisters now helm the country’s largest Black-owned wine brand

Andréa McBride was a 16 year old living in foster care in New Zealand when she got a phone call from her biological dad in Alabama. He told her he was dying of cancer and wanted to do one last thing before passing: connect her to another daughter he had — her sister, Robin.

In the 17 years since that fateful call, Andréa and Robin have not only met, but in 2005, they founded what is now the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States — and they did it without any seed money from investors........


CEO of multimillion-dollar company Casetify shares his No. 1 ‘super underrated’ business tip

Wesley Ng learned the fundamentals of running a business by watching his parents run their restaurant in Hong Kong. 

“It was not venture-backed obviously,” the 41-year-old said with a laugh. “What’s the most important thing to have to survive? Profits.” ...


Side Hustle News

31-year-old who quit her job and makes $15,000 a month recording voiceovers: I only work ‘3 to 5 hours per day’

Two and a half years ago, Alice Everdeen worked 50 hours per week and made $42,000 per year as a content manager for a supplement company.


Side Hustle News

This couple paid $7,150 for items people returned to Amazon, Walmart and Target—and made $19,500 reselling them

In December 2020, Jamie and Sarah McCauley stumbled into their strangest side hustle yet: Buying pallets of items people returned to Target, Walmart and Amazon......

HBS is an INCLUSIVE ecosystem where inspirational and diverse stories are shared by ENTREPRENEURS & COMMUNITY INFLUENCERS, whose stories haven't been heard. Engaging stories from various communities: First Nations, LGBTTTQQIAA, Minorities, Diaspora and Person with a Disability etc.
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