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This 26-year-old started a hoodie company with $500 — now she has $350,000 in annual sales and a six-figure ‘Shark Tank’ deal

As Philomina Kane tells it, stress was making her hair fall out.

Eight years ago, Kane was an undergrad student at Princeton University majoring in biology — and the pressure was getting to her. So she cut off all her hair, and as her natural hair regrew, her head needed some additional comfort and protection.

“I found myself always putting a scarf on before putting a hoodie on,” Kane said on Friday’s episode of “Shark Tank” on ABC. “One day I was like, you know what, I’m going to make satin-lined hoodies.”......


 Unicorn Founder News

She co-founded a $1 billion fintech start-up in Asia — and wants to show other women they can too

Tessa Wijaya describes herself as “a unicorn among unicorns among unicorns.”

As an Indonesian woman running a $1 billion financial technology start-up in Southeast Asia, she is a rather rare breed.

Women leaders in tech are uncommon. This is especially true in fintech, where they hold 7% of leadership positions. But Wijaya said she is hoping that will change by showing more women and girls they can follow the path less traveled.......


Family Business News

How the Mexican-American family behind Siete’s grain-free tortillas hit $200 million in annual sales

As a teenager in southern Texas, Veronica Garza thought she’d never be able to enjoy a family dinner again.

Diagnosed with lupus, her grain-free diet took many of the foods she’d grown up eating with her Mexican-American family off the table.

“There was this feeling like I was really missing out on a very important part of my heritage, not being able to [eat] meals that I loved,” Garza, now 40, remembers........


This 17-year-old Korean CEO made $1 million in sales this year. Now he’s onto his next venture

At just 17 years old, Sukone Hong has realized his entrepreneurial dream by building not one but two businesses.

The first, a South Korean fashion brand of which he is CEO, has made over $1 million in sales this year and won the recognition of Harvard University. The second, a braille smartwatch for the visually impaired, has advanced orders in the thousands.....


Inluencer News

This travel influencer bought a second condo in Detroit for $44,000 in cash — and spent $52,000 renovating it during the pandemic

In October 2019, Jessica Nabongo added a major accomplishment to her resume: She became the first documented Black woman to travel to every country in the world.

Then the pandemic hit, and her globetrotting lifestyle came to a screeching halt. For the first time in a decade, the travel photographer and influencer behind the site Catch Me If You Can spent two months uninterrupted at home in Detroit, Michigan......


First Nations News

Windows of former Winnipeg Bay building, once boarded up, now feature Indigenous art Social Sharing:

'It makes me feel good to think people might take something from this,' says artist Peatr Thomas

Once boarded up, the windows of the downtown Winnipeg building that housed the Bay for nearly a century now feature the work of two Indigenous artists.

Peatr Thomas, whose mural on the side of the building replicates one he did inside the nearby Qaumajuq Inuit art centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, says he was hesitant at first about having his work associated with the Hudson's Bay Company — a company deeply tied to colonization.


How this 54-year-old Latina CEO’s ‘love for hair’ inspired her to build a multimillion-dollar beauty brand


As a proud Latina, I’ve always done everything with a little bit of sparkle, spice and a lot of determination, especially when it comes to business. 

After hosting my first garage sale at the age of 10, I realized there were so many ways to earn money, whether it was being a golf caddy or cleaning up my neighbors’ yards.

But thanks to my love for all things hair and beauty, what I really wanted was to be an entrepreneur in the haircare business — and that’s exactly what I did.......

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